Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a NicoB Let's Cry of 5pb's PlayStation Vita Survival horror game by the same name.

NicoB has stated that he did not like this game and was very reluctant to continue playing the game, but felt that he should finish the series.

In one of his livesteams, he states that Blood Drive ruined the Corpse Party series for him. As to whether or not this will affect his future let's plays is unclear.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1BEGINNING OF THE ENDOct. 14th 201543:24
2THE NEW NIRVANAOct. 18th 201556:46
3EVERAFTER STONESOct. 20th 20151:00:54
4A RETURN TO HELLOct. 28th 20151:06:25
5THE FORGOTTEN ONESOct. 31th 20151:00:09
6MORISHIGE'S RETURNNov. 4th 201556:05
7WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!Nov. 9th 201546:25
8THIS GAME IS SO WEIRDNov. 17th 201547:53
9FANSERVICE INSANITYDec. 3rd 20151:00:54
10ENCROACHING DOOMDec. 7th 201551:26
11THE NEW BOOKDec. 24th 20151:25:15
12REDEMPTIONJan. 4th 201652:42
13CONSUMING MALICEJan. 17th 201646:22
14IT'S OVER!!Feb. 7th 20162:18:31

Trivia Edit

  • The last video in this series is one of the longest videos on the channel.
  • This is believed by both NicoB and his fans to be one of the worst games featured on the channel.
  • Nico stated that this would be the last Corpse Party game featured on the channel due to how this game soured his opinion of the franchise.

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