Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a NicoB Let's Play of Spike Chunsoft's PlayStation Vita visual novel Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1HOPEFUL PARADISESept. 3rd 201400:50:08
2THE ULTIMATESSept. 4th 201400:58:17
3HE'S BAACCKK!!Sept. 6th 201401:03:07
4OUR FAT LEADERSept. 8th 201400:54:21
5FREE TIMESept. 10th 201400:48:17
6TOGAMI'S BITCHIN' PARTYSept. 17th 201400:45:04
7THE FIRST VICTIMSept. 18th 201400:43:49
8TRUTH BULLETSSept. 20th 201401:04:04
9TRIAL OF LIFE AND DEATHSept. 22th 201401:21:49
10FOOD CROTCH!Sept. 25th 201401:03:55
11PUNISHMENT TIMESept. 26th 201400:51:19
12MAN'S NUT!Sept. 30th 201401:09:26
13MIKAN'S FEAROct. 3rd 201400:58:30
14BEACH BABESOct. 5th 201401:06:33
15TWILIGHT SYNDROMEOct. 7th 201401:15:03
16THE RED HERRINGOct. 10th 201401:11:42
17FOR JUSTICEOct. 12th 201400:55:05
18REMEMBER MEOct. 13th 201400:49:09
19WHAT IS "IT"?Oct. 16th 201401:04:50
20CHIAKI LOVIN'Oct. 19th 201400:59:36
21DOWN WITH THE SICKNESSOct. 22th 201400:59:09
22THE CURTAIN FALLSOct. 24th 201401:01:12
23THE WIZARD OF MONOMIOct. 27th 201400:51:44
24YOU AIN'T GOT NO ALIBIOct. 30th 201400:54:19
25BELIEF WITHOUT DOUBTNov. 1st 201400:55:44
26TRUE NATURENov. 3rd 201400:49:41
27HOPE'S PEAKNov. 5th 201401:00:57
28FRUITY FUNNov. 8th 201401:03:11
29WITHERING AWAYNov. 9th 201401:02:53
30THE MIND OF MADNESSNov. 12th 201401:07:17
31THE NOBODYNov. 14th 201400:49:17
32THE ULTIMATE WEAPONNov. 17th 201401:09:56
33FREE FALLINGNov. 20th 201400:43:18
34DON'T GIVE UP ON LIFENov. 23th 201401:03:35
35THE FINAL ISLANDNov. 25th 201400:58:22
36LET IT ALL BURNNov. 29th 201400:58:36
37NO HOPENov. 30th 201400:55:54
38THE TOGAMI TRAPDec. 3rd 201400:54:08
39HIS MALICEDec. 5th 201401:02:21
40THE END OF USDec. 7th 201400:53:16
41THE TRAITORDec. 8th 201401:01:20
42THE TRAGEDYDec. 12th 201400:57:19
43FUTURE FOUNDATIONDec. 14th 201400:52:43
44FRAGMENTSDec. 17th 201401:00:02
45ULTIMATE HOPEDec. 19th 201401:01:05
46THE FUTURE!Dec. 21th 201401:10:25
47MONOMI VS MONOKUMADec. 23th 201400:25:18
48ISLAND MODEDec. 28th 201400:55:11
49SERENDIPITYDec. 31th 201400:51:14
50BLOOD BROTHERSJan. 3rd 201500:57:20
51MY WEAKNESSJan. 5th 201500:54:04
52HIGH-OCTANEJan. 8th 201500:48:16
53PICTURE PERFECTJan. 11th 201500:55:46
54ISLAND MODE ENDINGSJan. 13th 201501:16:43

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Nico is playing the official North American release of the game.
  • During the course of this Let's Play series, Nico has created a meme of the character Nagito Komeada loving bagels which brought hope, naming them Hope Bagels. The "Komaeda voice" would later become one of Nico's more recurring voices used during joke inserts and skits.
  • Another meme concerning the character of Nagito Komaeda is giving him the name "Ultimate Bullshit" in correspondence with Komaeda's astounding bouts of luck. This would also later attributed to Nico by the Picky Penguins and Nico himself for his bouts of joking about something inside a game, that turned out to be true later on.
  • At 54 episodes, this Let's Play is 2 days, 4 hours, 15 minutes and 40 seconds.


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