Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is a NicoB let's play of Spike Chunsoft's third mainline installment of their Danganronpa franchise: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Duration
1NEW KILLING GAMESept. 19th 201747:55
2GIFTED JUVENILESSept. 22th 20171:01:18
3PAPA KUMASept. 24th 201747:39
4THE EXITSept. 26th 20171:09:51
5THE DEADLINESept. 29th 20171:05:45
6PLAN OF ACTIONOct. 3rd 201746:41
7FIRST BLOODOct. 5th 201757:37
8FLASH OF LIGHTOct. 7th 20171:19:40
9NEW CLASS TRIALOct. 10th 20171:11:50
10MY WISHOct. 12th 20171:49:58
11SECRET PASSAGEOct. 15th 20171:20:15
12LIAR LIAROct. 17th 20171:15:08
13THE LOVE KEYOct. 19th 20171:25:22
14BUG LOVEOct. 22th 20171:10:30
15ULTIMATE INMATE- Let's PlayOct. 24th 20171:10:48
16FAITH AND LOGICOct. 26th 20171:18:18
17THE MOVING BODYOct. 30th 20171:13:56
18EVERYONE'S SAKENov. 1st 20171:22:40
19LET'S GET ALONGNov. 3rd 20171:22:27
20CULT OF ATUANov. 6th 20171:29:01
21HISTORY OF MANNov. 8th 20171:06:53
22GOD'S CHOSENNov. 10th 201750:56
23TALKING DEADNov. 13th 20171:33:25
24TOO LATENov. 15th 20171:34:50
25THE SPOTLESSNov. 17th 201757:55
26ACCEPTING DEATHNov. 21th 20171:11:29
27A BETTER SELFNov. 23th 20171:14:01
28TROUBLEMAKERNov. 26th 20171:11:04
29HOPEFUL PARADISE?Nov. 28th 20171:30:11
30DYNAMIC DUONov. 30th 20171:29:26
31LOOPTY LOOPDec. 2nd 20171:24:40
32BEST FRIENDSDec. 5th 201758:35
33TO PROTECTDec. 6th 20171:23:32
34BROTHERSDec. 9th 20171:06:06
35FIGHTING BACKDec. 11th 20171:12:47
36I AM KING!Dec. 14th 20171:01:55
37SAFEGUARDDec. 16th 20171:21:31
38AMBIGUITYDec. 19th 20171:41:31

Trivia Edit

  • Nico got an early copy of the game, and started the let's play a week before release.

Quotes Edit

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