Nico has a official Discord server, where Picky Penguins can hang out together, get to know one another, and naturally discuss all things NicoB. The server also has dedicated channels for discussing spoilers and hosts events such as community games, streams, and similar.

In order to join the Official NicoB Discord server, click here.

Nico is not part of this Discord, since he would be spammed with DMs and pings, but all his channel moderators, alongside a crew of well known community members are part of it. This Discord is also linked in his Twitch bio, the !discord NightBot command and advertised in his first episode of Danganronpa V3. It is also linked in the steam group, subreddit and DeviantArt community page.

Feel free to contact a NicoB moderator if you are experiencing problems in the comment sections, or twitch chats, like for instance to report a spoiler or harassment. All the channel moderators are in the Discord server and are marked as "NicoB Mods" in the list of online users.

The Discord server was first created by "Devious Dingbat" on Sept. 25th 2016. The role of owner was then passed on to "Travus" on Sept. 9th 2017, and he has been the head of the server since. Travus additionally also became a official moderator on the channel on Oct. 14th 2017.


The Official NicoB Discord server has the following set of rules:

  1. Be nice and respectful to your fellow Picky Penguins. Harassment, slurs, racism, etc. have no place here, stop if you are asked to.
  2. Please respect the channel topics. If you are asked by a moderator to move to a different channel, please do so.
  3. Do not post spoilers outside of the appropriate channels. Do not post fake spoilers.
  4. English is this server’s main spoken language, so please refrain from having lengthy conversations in other languages.
  5. Do not put sexual, derogatory or other offensive language in your name. The extent of this is defined by the moderators.
  6. Do not spam, or overuse capitalization. The extent of this is defined by the moderators.
  7. Please don’t ask the moderators for roles or other permissions and please do not impersonate, pretend to be, or act like a moderator.
  8. Please do not go overboard with memes in the music bot. Keep non-music out of it, and respect common decency when using it.
  9. Please don't link piracy, torrents, emulators / roms, keys etc. in the server. Keep it in your direct messages.
  10. Moderators reserve the right to interpret these rules as they see fit. Please respect a moderator's requests and follow their orders.

In addition to this, some channel also have their own rules, outlined in the channel description. If you have any questions in regards of the rules, feel free to ask a Discord moderator.


  • During Halloween 2017 (Oct. 20th till Oct. 31st) the Discord server held a Halloween event titled "The Nights of the Living Penguins".
    • A variety of games, streams, community activities and even a Halloween fan art competition were held.
    • The user "Hexx" won the fan art contest. In addition to getting his prize, he also got his entry featured as fan art of the day on episode 18 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.
  • It is a wide-spread theory and joke on the Discord server that Travus is in fact NicoB, but with a hired voice-actor to make himself unrecognizable in the voice-chat.


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