Earthbound is a let's play by NicoB of Earthbound.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACEMar. 12th 201650:29
2THE SHARKSMar. 17th 201641:55
3BEAR FRIENDMar. 20th 20161:11:23
4GHOST TOWN BLUESMar. 25th 20161:03:46
5BOY GENIUSMar. 29th 201649:04
6MR. SATURNApr. 1st 201645:30
7BURIED TREASUREApr. 6th 201658:12
8TRIPPY DIPPYApr. 11th 201652:44
9PRINCE LEMON TEAApr. 15th 201652:58
10DUNGEON MANApr. 18th 201644:34
11WE'RE SHYApr. 20th 201652:15
12FREE YOUR MINDApr. 24th 20161:30:20

Trivia Edit

  • This is first time he has gotten criticism for using his own characters, instead of the game's defaults. It is unknown why.
  • This was the very first Nintendo game that Nico played on the channel.

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