Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD is a NicoB let's play of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD, which is part of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, and now also part of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX.

It is the third Kingdom Hearts game Nico has played after Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories HD.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1THE OTHER SIDEApr. 14th 20161:27:11
2SEVEN WONDERSApr. 17th 20161:01:43
3THE NEXT LIFEApr. 19th 201656:54
4ORGANIZATION XIIIApr. 22th 20161:39:05
5BE A MANApr. 25th 20161:10:55
6TALE AS OLD AS TIMEApr. 27th 20161:09:20
7THIS IS MY STORYApr. 29th 20161:17:41
8MEMORY LANEMay 2nd 20161:28:01
9HE'S A PIRATEMay 5th 20161:38:18
10DARKNESS INSIDEMay 7th 20161:03:47
11SANDY CLAWSMay 10th 20161:27:28
12THE CIRCLE OF LIFEMay 16th 20161:22:50
13THE IMPOSTERMay 19th 20161:45:10
14DANCE WATER DANCEMay 22th 20161:28:45
15WHIRLWIND LANCERMay 25th 20161:38:40
16TRUE HEROESMay 28th 20161:26:32
17A STRONG HEARTMay 31th 20161:39:23
18FINNY FUNJun. 3rd 20161:22:02
19SHOW ME YOUR STRENGTHJun. 6th 20161:12:08
20A GOOD OTHERJun. 9th 20161:50:51
21REUNITED AT LASTJun. 12th 20161:08:25
22EYES CAN'T LIEJun. 15th 20161:03:51
23WE SHALL GO TOGETHERJun. 19th 20161:36:16
24DATA XIII FIGHTSJun. 21th 20161:28:34
25LINGERING WILLJun. 24th 201657:18

Trivia Edit

  • Nico's death counter reached 319 deaths.
  • Nico considers this let's play one of his best and the game is one of his favorite games in general.
  • After his Kingdom Heart 2 let's play was finished, he made a video of himself making sea salt ice cream.

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