Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (read as Three Five Eight Over Two) is a NicoB lets play of h.a.n.d. and Square Enix's DS game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. This is the fifth installment of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Because there are high quality versions of the cut scenes in the HD Remix, NicoB decided to edit in the better versions into his let's play. Unfortunately, because Camtasia only has a 32 bit version and it 'doesn't like' other video formats, it took a bit longer for Nico to upload his let's play of 358/2 Days.

Nico has hinted to a possible let's read of the Kingdom Hearts Manga in this let's play, after the Picky Penguins recommended it to him.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1THE KEY OF DESTINYJun. 28th 20161:28:27
2NUMBER XIVJul. 2nd 20161:21:36
3THE THREE OF USJul. 7th 20161:19:25
4TWO KEYSJul. 11th 20161:28:07
5SOMETHING TO PROTECTJul. 14th 20161:43:39
6THE BLACK SHEEPJul. 17th 20161:29:31
7HER MEMORIESJul. 21th 20161:35:44
8INSUBORDINATIONJul. 24th 20161:29:55
9THE PUPPETJul. 28th 20161:36:26
10BETRAYALAug. 1st 20161:19:23
11TOGETHER FOREVERAug. 3rd 20161:36:58

Trivia Edit

  • Nico was introduced to the 'AkuRoku' yaoi ship in one of his let's bond episodes.
  • The 'Axel "Got it memorized?"' counter is this let's play reached a total of 15.

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