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Hellloooo!! And Welcome to the NicoB Wiki reference page for all you Picky Penguins!

American YouTuber NicoB (age 29) enjoys playing video games and entertaining his Picky Penguins with his variety of character voices in his Let's Plays and Twitch livestreams. He plays a wide variety of video games on his Let's Plays and loves sharing his gaming experiences with all of you.

On Nico's Twitch livestreams he plays video games while interacting with his fans/subscribers; the Picky Penguins, reads the fanfiction sent to him by the Picky Penguin authors, answers his fans' questions and sings songs at his fans' request.

He is known for being in love with bagels and bagel porn. His videos contain plenty of Komaeda hentai and turkey sandwiches. He may or may not be an actual penguin in a human suit; it has yet to be proven. It is also believed that Nico is the CEO of P.F. Changs; this has also been yet to be proven, but we'll know soon...

Nico has also made his own RPG Maker game: Forever's End.

Stay Classy Guys!!

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