NieR Gestalt is a NicoB Let's Play of NieR Gestalt.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1LONG AGOMay 9th 20171:05:09
2WHAT IS SHE WEARING?!May 12th 20171:10:17
3A REASON TO FIGHTMay 14th 20171:06:25
4RULE OF LAWMay 16th 20171:00:21
5LOVER'S FOLLYMay 18th 20171:19:31
6THE YOUNG MASTERMay 20th 20171:07:41
7THE SHADOWLORDMay 22th 201749:35
8THE ULTIMATE WEAPONMay 25th 20171:08:01
9THE OTHER MEMay 27th 201757:44
10WE NEED EACH OTHERMay 29th 20171:04:27
11KEY PIECESJun. 1st 20171:03:53
12THE MONSTERSJun. 3rd 201751:56
13PROJECT GESTALTJun. 5th 20171:01:24
14KAINÉ'S STORYJun. 8th 20171:01:05
15LOST HUMANITYJun. 10th 201754:41
16SACRIFICEJun. 13th 201743:28

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