Not ready to commit to a long series? Check out these single video LPs!

Episodes Edit

  1. Slime Rancher
  2. CRAZY ASS GIRLS - Let's Play - Yanderella - All Endings - Walkthrough Playthrough
  3. Huniepop: MAKING BABIES!
  4. IT'S GUY LOVE! - Let's Play - Ahogay - Complete Walkthrough Playthrough
  5. THE YAOI! - Let's Play - Doki Doki Chihiro Paradise - Complete Walkthrough Playthrough
  6. SO MUCH GAME! - Let's Play - Video Game: The Game - Complete Walkthrough Playthrough
  7. THE PORN MUST DIE - Let's Play - Destroy the Porn - Complete Walkthrough Playthrough
  8. ARE YOU AWAKE? - Let's Play - Dreaming Mary - Complete All Endings
  9. TIME AND AGAIN - Let's Play - No-One Has to Die - Complete Walkthrough Playthrough

Trivia Edit

  • Destroy the Porn
    • P.F. Chang's is featured in this game. Supposedly hell is not so bad nowadays.
  • Video Game: The Game
    • This is Nicob's shortest let's play. It only lasts for 49 seconds.
    • Nico had some trouble regarding copyright claims for the video's thumbnail art.

Quotes Edit

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