Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destiny is a NicoB Let's Play of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1HE'S BACK!Jun. 15th 20171:13:40
2COUNTDOWNJun. 19th 20171:24:29
3HERE COMES JUSTICEJun. 21th 201756:50
4A TRUE HEROJun. 23th 20171:01:37
5THE TWISTED SAMURAIJun. 26th 20171:06:34
6DEMON POSSESSIONJun. 28th 201752:33
7FORBIDDEN CHAMBERJun. 30th 20171:30:10
8FLIGHT OF THE DEMONJul. 4th 201752:57
9ONLY SKIN DEEPJul. 6th 20171:03:28
10FREE WILLYJul. 11th 20171:41:21
11REPEAT OFFENSEJul. 13th 20171:06:22
12FREE FALLINGJul. 15th 201735:40
13SUMMER OF LOVEJul. 18th 20171:34:36
14A PIRATE'S WRATHJul. 20th 20171:23:01
15KEEP HER SAFEJul. 22th 20171:17:24
16THE MOCK TRIALJul. 25th 20171:34:34
17MANLY MANJul. 28th 20171:34:05
18FRIENDS FOREVERJul. 30th 20171:31:40
19GENIUS LEVELAug. 1st 20171:09:50
20BY ANY MEANSAug. 3rd 20171:13:45
21BEST FRIENDSAug. 7th 20171:20:26
22FINAL FRONTIERAug. 9th 201755:58
23BIG SISTERAug. 11th 201748:25
24A GREAT MANAug. 14th 20171:34:08
25SEVEN YEARS AGOAug. 17th 20171:04:57
26CHIEF PROSECUTORAug. 19th 20171:05:27
27WITNESS AND EVIDENCEAug. 22th 20171:05:04
28RIP APARTAug. 24th 20171:05:59
29THE PHANTOMAug. 26th 201756:22
30EMOTIONLESSAug. 29th 20171:05:47
31BENEATH THE MASKAug. 31th 20171:00:50

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