The Council of Voices is a video series Nico has created using some of the voices he has used in his let's plays.

Episodes Edit


Members Edit

Active Members Edit

  • The Judge Voice - "Lord Turkey Sandwich"
  • The Ace Voice - "Sexy and Dangerous"
  • The Joshua Voice - "Douchey Jesus"
  • The Chiaki Voice - "Everyone's Waifu"
  • The Phoenix Voice - "Desk Slamming Extraordinaire"
  • The Seven Voice - "Resident Badass"
  • The Togami Voice - "Lead Asshole"
  • The Asahina Voice - "Mermaid Swamp!"
  • The Monokuma Voice - "Despair Expert"
  • The Morishige Voice - "Forever Running"
  • The Komaeda Voice - "The One True Hope Bagel"
  • The Hagakure Voice - "Perpetual Disappointment"
  • The Von Karma Voice - "Whipping Virtuoso"
  • The Monomi Voice - "Useless Defender of Justice"
  • The Godot Voice - "Coffee Whore"
  • The Kazuichi Voice - "Needs Somebody to Love"
  • The Seiko Voice - "Motorboating Specialist"
  • The Mayuri Voice - "Tutturu!"
  • The Gundam Voice - "The Original Chuunibyou"
  • The Fukawa Voice - "Part-time Serial Killer"
  • The Security Chief Voice - "Scrotal Punch!"
  • The Fujisaki Voice - "Totally Not a Guy"
  • The Maya Voice - "Yaoi-loving Goober"
  • The Donald Voice - "Avian Asshole"

Inactive Members Edit

  • The Slimey Voice - "The One Nico Hates"
  • The Missile Voice - "It's Missile!!"

Trivia Edit

  • Although the council meetings are held in the same building, the table changes from white plastic to brown wood in the second Council meeting.
  • Ironically, Slimey and Missile, the only two inactive members, both share the same voice.
    • Slimey was deemed "no longer relevant" as Nico has banned him from the Council's meetings.
    • Missile was ejected from the meeting to "even out the girl-to-guy ratio".
  • Judge is the apparent leader of the meetings. He sits at the head of the table, announces events and can ban voices from attending the Council's meetings.
  • Slimey is the only member of the Council not to have his own emblem. This is because he did not appear in the second meeting.
  • Only two members of the council suffer injuries.
    • Morishige is seen covered head to toe in bandages in the second meeting. He is also wearing an eyepatch over his left eye, while a purple bruise is clearly visible under the right.
    • Phoenix has his face incinerated by Godot.
  • Chiaki was asleep for almost a full six months.
  • Monokuma and Monomi both accidentally speak their internal monologues out loud.


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