The Council of Voices is a video series Nico has created where some of the voices he has used in his Let's Plays gets together in a single universe and interact with each other.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Duration
1THE BEST VOICE?May 18th 201500:03:30
2NEW MEMBERS?Nov. 5th 201500:09:02
3VOICECOMING DANCE?Dec. 30th 201500:17:06
N/A*Despair Blitz - Sung by Monokuma (Ballroom Blitz Parody)Feb. 3rd 201700:04:00
4ORIGIN STORIES?Apr. 3rd 201700:32:57
5NONARY GAME?Mar. 19th 201800:39:06
6DISTRUST?June 9th 201800:40:33

*The video is related to the third episode, and is also included in Nico's playlist of the series.

Characters Edit

See also: Voices

Name Title Description Affiliation
The Judge VoiceLord Turkey SandwichHead of the Council. He sits at the head of the table, and the meetings won't start without him. He also announces events and can ban voices from attending the meetings. Seems to be in a sexual relationship with Komaeda.The Council
The Ace VoiceSexy and DangerousThe Council
The Joshua VoiceDouchey JesusA campy douchebag with godlike powers. Likes to mess with other people, especially butt-of-jokes like Morishige.The Council
The Chiaki VoiceEveryone's WaifuA skilled gamer and quality waifu material, especially for Nico. A generally kind girl yet bold girl who wants everyone to cooperate and get along. Also a heavy sleeper; she was asleep for almost a full six months once.The Council
The Phoenix VoiceDesk Slamming ExtraordinaireA loud and hammy voice with a penchant on yelling at other people and slamming desks due to his job of origin. Had his face incinerated by Godot once.The Council
The Seven VoiceResident BadassA very badass big guy. Expert in the matter of survival games. Has a weird friendship with Komaeda.The Council
The Togami VoiceLead AssholeResident non-cooperative asshole of the council. Thinks highly of himself and lowly of other people. Prone to making weird noises of disbelief when baffled.The Council
The Asahina VoiceMermaid Swamp!A hyperactive tomboy who loves donuts more than anything (Bagels, on the other hand...). Cheerful and adorable.The Council
The Monokuma VoiceDespair ExpertThe oldest among them all. A despair-addict sadist with frequent episodes of crazy laughter. Frequently gets mistaken for King Mickey by Donald.The Council
The Morishige VoiceForever RunningResident punchline. The one Voice with lowest luck and most frequent injury among them all, and thus dreaded his times with Komaeda. Had his full potential unlocked by Michael Jackson (it wasn't much, though).The Council
The Komaeda VoiceThe One True Hope BagelA worshipper of hope and devourer of bagels. His bullshit level is beyond human comprehension, despite claiming to be just a scum. A little bit unhinged. Contact with waffles may cause him to fall into despair.The Council
The Hagakure VoicePerpetual DisappointmentA wimpy fortune-teller who doesn't seem to anything useful when everyone else needs someone who can do something useful. Boasts a fortune-telling accuracy of 30% chance.The Council
The Von Karma VoiceWhipping VirtuosoA sadistic German prosecutor who likes to whip anything and anyone in her vicinity. Despite rejecting Kazuichi's proposal, she seems to be weirdly angry when Kazuichi talks about other women...The Council
The Monomi VoiceUseless Defender of JusticeThe Council
The Godot VoiceCoffee WhoreA sexy middle-aged man with cool visor and addiction to black coffee (preferably with crack). Hates sugar and cream. Usually comes in during trippier moments. Taught Apollo Justice the art of using eye beams.The Council
The Kazuichi VoiceNeeds Somebody to LoveAn ace mechanic and a good guy at heart, the only thing he's unable to really fix is his inability to find love. Prone to freaking out and can be whiny, but in the end, he just wanted to get laid...The Council
The Seiko VoiceMotorboating SpecialistThe Council
The Mayuri VoiceTutturu!A cute and innocent teenage girl adored by everyone. Despite not having any useful perk or special ability, her mere presence is enough to mellow just about anyone.The Council
The Gundham VoiceThe Original ChuunibyouAn evil overlord with over-the-top attitude and terrifying magical abilities (actually just a nice chuuni syndrome). Also a very caring animal breeder and a good guy who can be everyone's buddy. Seems to gravitate toward Mayuri.The Council
The Fukawa VoicePart-Time Serial KillerThe Council
The Security Chief VoiceScrotal Punch!The Council
The Fujisaki VoiceTotally Not a GuyThe Council
The Maya VoiceYaoi-Loving GooberThe Council
The Donald VoiceAvian AssholeThe Council
The Badd VoiceBadd to the BoneA badass hard-boiled detective with sweet tooth and a piercing glare. Leader of the BadBoyz, a special task force called forth by the Council to investigate the missing case of the nine council members.The BadBoyz
The Kirigiri VoiceThe First WaifuA calm and calculated high school detective and "the original waifu". Objects to the name given to her current team, but...The BadBoyz
The Fulbright VoiceIn Justice We Trust!A hyperactive defender of justice.The BadBoyz
The Slimey VoiceThe One Nico HatesThe Council (Inactive)
The Missile VoiceIt's Missile!The Council (Inactive)
Zero-A mysterious individual who trapped nine of the council members in the Nonary Game.?

Trivia Edit

  • The Council meeting room undergoes several changes throughout the series.
    • The table changes from white plastic to brown wood in the second Council meeting.
    • From the third meeting onwards, the metallic head of Oliver becomes the council building.
  • Ironically, Slimey and Missile, the only two inactive members, both share the same voice.
    • Slimey was deemed "no longer relevant" as Nico has banned him from the Council's meetings.
    • Missile was ejected from the meeting to "even out the girl-to-guy ratio".
  • Slimey is the only member of the Council not to have his own emblem. This is because he did not appear in the second meeting.
  • Monokuma and Monomi both accidentally speak their internal monologues out loud.


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