The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a NicoB Let's Play of Nintendo's widely-acclaimed game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Duration
1MAN VS. NATUREJan. 13th 201800:50:15
2FLYING HIGHJan. 15th 201801:00:34
3WILD HORSESJan. 17th 201801:10:04
4A CHAMPIONJan. 20th 201801:27:00
5PAYA'S BIRTHMARKJan. 22nd 201801:18:28
6KOROK TRIALSJan. 24th 201801:04:51
7I'LL PROTECT YOUJan. 26th 201801:27:00
8GUARDIAN BATTLEJan. 29th 201801:16:04
9ANCIENT GEARJan. 31st 201801:12:49
10COZY COTTAGEFeb. 3rd 201801:20:03
11MASTER SWORDFeb. 6th 201801:15:10
12DEATH MOUNTAINFeb. 8th 201801:35:24
13DUTY-BOUNDFeb. 12th 201801:22:11
14LORD OF THE MOUNTAINFeb. 14th 201801:20:33
15TAKE TO THE SKIESFeb. 16th 201801:36:31
16SNOWY PEAKSFeb. 19th 201801:25:37
17STRANDEDFeb. 21st 201800:55:58
18OOH LA LAFeb. 23rd 201801:37:47
19GIRL POWERFeb. 25th 201801:34:01
20THUNDERSTRUCKFeb. 27th 201801:20:18
21POWER UNLEASHEDMar. 2nd 201801:33:41
22TRIAL OF THE SWORDMar. 4th 201801:38:39
23CHAMPIONS' BALLADMar. 6th 201801:15:12
24LEGENDS OF OLDMar. 8th 201801:30:13
25MASTER CYCLEMar. 10th 201801:39:51
26MY GIANT HORSEMar. 13th 201801:27:47
27FINAL SHRINESMar. 15th 201801:25:26
28SAVING HYRULEMar. 18th 201801:22:46

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"After I'm done putting these balls in that hole, I'll put these balls in your hole."

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