Yakuza 0 is a NicoB Let's Play of Yakuza 0, the first Yakuza let's play on the channel.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Duration
1THUG LIFESept. 9th 20171:24:24
2EXPULSIONSept. 11th 20171:16:15
3THE SHADOW MANSept. 13th 20171:24:54
4KING OF THE DANCE FLOORSept. 15th 20171:06:08
5QUESTIONABLE INTENTIONSSept. 17th 20171:15:49
6SERVICE WITH A SMILESept. 30th 20171:11:21
7BATTER UPOct. 4th 20171:04:10
8WHATEVER IT TAKESOct. 6th 20171:02:01
9DO THE HUSTLEOct. 9th 20171:34:32
10STAB IN THE DARKOct. 11th 20171:18:18
11THE CIVILIANOct. 13th 20171:14:59
12THIS IS THRILLEROct. 16th 20171:12:48
13MONEY BATTLEOct. 18th 201700:53:49
14THE VIDEO GIRLOct. 21th 20171:26:20
15KIRYU'S FUTUREOct. 23th 20171:33:42
16CATFIGHT CLUBOct. 25th 20171:20:11
17HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DOMINATRIXOct. 28th 20171:05:16
18THE FIVE BILLIONAIRESOct. 31th 201700:48:00
19JOB INTERVIEWNov. 2nd 201700:53:39
20THE POCKET CIRCUIT ARCNov. 4th 20171:22:30
21WHAT THE CLUCK?!Nov. 7th 20171:07:39
22DRAGON OF DOJIMANov. 9th 20171:19:53
23MAN WITH A BAT TATTOONov. 12th 20171:34:51
24TO SAVE A LIFENov. 14th 20171:05:56
25SO FABULOUSNov. 16th 20171:28:14
26LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!Nov. 20th 20171:13:42
27DADDY MAJIMANov. 22th 20171:36:53
28DANCING GODSNov. 25th 20171:11:18
29THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MR. LIBIDONov. 27th 20171:28:19
30FACE THE PASTNov. 29th 20171:17:29
31FANTASY ZONEDec. 1st 20171:03:43
32THE TOP TIERDec. 4th 20171:08:07
33MAD DOG OF SHIMANODec. 6th 20171:14:33
34MAN HUNTDec. 8th 20171:41:56
35FINDING LOVEDec. 10th 20171:14:33
36GOD WATERDec. 13th 201700:56:24
37THE ROLE MODELDec 15th 20171:03:40
38A DEBT TO PAYDec. 18th 20171:03:40
39ONE HAPPY FAMILYDec. 21st 20171:14:24
40NEW BEST GIRLDec. 23rd 201701:29:06
41THE UNDERBELLYDec. 28th 201701:20:20
42HOT PURSUITDec. 30th 201701:09:24
43A REAL YAKUZAJan. 1st 201801:07:01
44HE'S A KEEPERJan. 3rd 201801:30:03
45SO AMONJan. 6th 201800:59:25
46UNLEASHEDJan. 8th 201800:59:29
47TWO DRAGONSJan. 10th 201801:11:48

Trivia Edit

  • Nico says his usual "Previously on" dialog in Japanese, with help from the channel moderator Imamura.

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