Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is a NicoB Let's Play of Spike Chunsoft's PlayStation Portable visual novel Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1WELCOME BACKOct. 3rd 201349:05
2SLUTTY CLOVER!Oct. 6th 20131:00:14
3SUPER SEXY POSTEROct. 8th 201345:11
4THE PRISONER'S DILEMMAOct. 11th 20131:04:21
5WTF BOMB!Oct. 16th 20131:08:01
6EVERYONE'S GOING CRAZY!Oct. 20th 20131:02:31
7TIME PARADOX MINDF*CKOct. 27th 201356:22
8ACTA EST FABULA!Nov. 4th 201350:07
9SCHRÖDINGER'S KITTYNov. 6th 201351:45
10GO GO HORNY SIGMA!Nov. 11th 201358:55
11THE BLUE BIRDNov. 14th 201356:43
12GREATEST GAME EVERNov. 17th 201306:52
13A TENTH PERSON?Nov. 18th 20131:09:04
14ROBO UNDERWEARNov. 23th 20131:05:49
15MEMENTO MORINov. 27th 20131:11:42
16WHO'S THE KILLER?Dec. 2nd 201352:55
17WTF IS HAPPENING?!Dec. 3rd 201341:21
18FRIENDS OR FREEDOM?Dec. 6th 20131:04:29
19BEYOND THE NINE DOORDec. 8th 201347:26
20ADULT EROTIC DOCTORDec. 10th 20131:02:18
21ONE YEAR AGODec. 12th 20131:03:25
22HOLY SHIT...Dec. 15th 20131:05:11
23GREATEST MOMENT EVERDec. 18th 20131:01:24
24CAUGHT REDHANDEDDec. 19th 201350:06
25BEHIND THE MASKDec. 20th 201353:10
26QUARANTINEDDec. 23th 20131:00:13
27THE PINK-HAIRED SUCCUBUSDec. 28th 20131:11:53
28THE FACE OF EVILDec. 31th 201356:52
29"I AM ZERO"Jan. 2nd 20141:13:57
30THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICEJan. 6th 20141:08:05
31TIME IS UPJan. 7th 20141:01:15
32THE CHINESE ROOMJan. 8th 201450:50
33NOTHING BUT SILENCEJan. 11th 201457:23
34THE FINAL ROOMJan. 15th 201457:28
35TIME JUMPINGJan. 17th 201459:17
36THE BLOOD MOONJan. 20th 201450:15
37WHAT I AM, YOU WILL BEJan. 22th 20141:32:13
38THE GOLD FILESJan. 24th 201440:58

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first LP recorded using the PlayStation Vita crowdfunded by fans.

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